Safety & Security in Sochi

Sochi and Krasnodar Krai, the region in which Sochi is located, are considered among the safest in Russia. However, there is still some crime targeted towards Sochi tourists, that all visitors should be aware of before traveling to Sochi. As a resort city Sochi safety is most often threatened by pick pockets and scam artists of many varieties. To help protect yourself against such cons, avoid being alone in dark or unlit areas of the city at night and, in crowded spaces, pay attention to those around you and any unnecessary contact made. You can also take comfort in knowing that it will be more difficult to try and scheme you as the vast majority of these offenders will not speak English. As always, the best defense is to remember to keep your wits about you and stay away from any area where you feel unsafe. A few general safety tips while traveling to Russia: 1. Be careful around traffic. In Russia, cars have the right of way. If one hits you, not only will you be in pain but you might also be at fault. 2. Avoid drinking the tap water. In many places the pipes are as old as the city and as someone not used to local bacterium, you’ll be putting your body at risk. 3. Keep your passport on you at all times. Not having proper identification is a great excuse for law enforcement to harass, fine, or even arrest you.