Sochi Transportation Information

Getting to Sochi, from Sochi, and even around Sochi is, with a little information and a bit of planning, no problem at all. With multiple modes of transportation for every journey you will never be at a loss for how get yourself on the move.

Getting to Sochi

Getting in and out of Sochi is easy and convenient with many options for both domestic and international travelers. While most international air travel will require a transfer through Moscow or another hub, flights from those hubs tend to be short flights and they run frequently for maximum convenience. If air travel is not your forte you can also arrive in Sochi by train from all over Russia and parts of Europe without adding much additional travel time. And, of course, the truly independent can get behind the wheel and take in the scenic Russian country on their way into town.

Sochi Ferries

Port of Sochi

To see passenger and cargo lines operating from Sochi, visit the website address below. Destinations and dates change often so make sure to check schedules regularly for updated info.


Sochi Inter-city Buses

Sochi Bus Terminal

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Getting Around Sochi

There isn’t one solution to getting around Sochi and over the course of your stay you’ll probably find yourself using a mix of Sochi public transportation, cars, taxis, and your own two feet. Renting a car or hailing a taxi is often the most convenient option and it gives you the freedom to set your own schedule and explore areas surrounding the city. If you choose to use a taxi, allow your hotel to arrange it for you to prevent confusion with your driver who, most likely, does not speak English. However, a car is by no means your only option. Currently Sochi Public Transportation consists of a comprehensive system of trolleybuses and smaller mini buses, known as ‘marshrutki’, that operate throughout the city. By 2014, in time for the Olympics, Sochi Public Transportation will feature the Sochi Light Metro and English speaking bus and train operators. For those who wish to go their own way, Central Sochi can easily be walked and the city has recently introduced a free bicycle rental service. You can pick up and drop off a bicycle at any one of 30 locations for only a deposit.

Car Rental

The best way to experience Sochi is by car. You can go anywhere you like and really get to know the city and surrounding area as well. Sochi is situated on the beautiful Black Sea coast. There is plenty to see and visit. Hop in a car and get going today!

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Trolleybuses are popular for larger distances in the city.


Minibuses also called "marshrutki" come quicker and more frequently.


Taxis are the quickest but most expensive way to get around.